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Ideal for enhancing your brand, providing in-office guidance, and more.
Crafted from durable, transparent 0.3cm acrylic, resembling glass.
Optional drilled holes for easy mounting.
Features beveled edges for a sleek and polished appearance.
Available in four sizes, ranging from 7.62 cm x 20.32 cm to 30.48 cm x 45.72 cm.

Guide visitors, customers, and clients effectively using our premium custom acrylic signs. Crafted from a lightweight and durable polymer, these signs are resistant to shattering, and our specialized printing process guarantees that your design or text remains vibrant over time. Our clear acrylic signs are unique in that they are printed on the back and mirrored to create a sleek, see-through surface. To maintain their pristine appearance, a simple cleaning with mild soap and water on the front is all that’s needed.

The Impact of a Well-Placed Sign

Showcase your business name and logo, ensuring visitors know they’ve arrived at the right location.
Highlight meeting areas, open spaces, or other important office-related information.
Elevate your office decor by displaying company values, team photos, and more.
Drilled Hole Details

All our acrylic signs come with pre-made drilled holes.
For all sizes, you’ll receive signs with four drill holes, one in each corner.
Each hole is positioned 1.5 cm from the edge of the sign, with a diameter of 0.9 cm.
These drilled holes allow for easy mounting using stainless steel spacers.

Creating Your Sign

Select a size that complements the layout and dimensions of your space effectively.
Even with larger signs, use concise text for improved readability.
Ensure your design features high-resolution logos or images to avoid a grainy appearance.
Keep wall clamps in mind, positioning design elements at least 0.44″ away from the top and bottom edges.


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