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Effortlessly streamline your workflow with a perfect replica of your handwriting. Just upload an image of your signature, and you can choose from three ink colors: red, blue, or black. Additionally, you have the option to select the body color of the replica, which can be either blue, black, or red. No stamp pad is required, and you can make up to 5000 impressions. For optimal design outcomes, please consult the ‘Design Guidelines for Stamps’ section during the design process.

Dealing with a mountain of paperwork can be quite a headache, but having a signature stamp can be a real lifesaver in such situations. A personalized name stamp proves invaluable for entrepreneurs, established business owners, and freelancers seeking to authenticate their documents. We offer a choice of three ink colors: blue, black, and red. Our product boasts excellent build quality, ensuring durability beyond your expectations. By customizing a signature stamp with your own handwriting, you’ll not only save time but also add a personal touch to your paperwork.

Creating your own stamp is a breeze. Simply input your text, tweak the font style and size, include a logo or address if needed, and select your preferred ink color. You’ll see real-time updates to your design as you make changes. Our design tool even offers suggestions for the best custom stamp options based on your design. You can also download a preview of your stamp to see exactly how your final impression will appear.

Here are some design guidelines for stamps:

Simple designs tend to work best on stamps. Avoid intricate artwork and tiny text.
Logos and text typically yield the best results. Keep things clean and straightforward, with high-resolution images.
Please refrain from using scanned stamp impressions, photographs, human faces, screenshots, or copyrighted content.
Avoid overlapping images or text during the upload process.
For optimal results, use a bold font and adhere to the minimum font size requirement of 12 pt.
Product Dimensions (Length x Width x Height for the base): 7.2cm x 3.5cm x 8.4cm.

For the best quality in logos and text:

Ensure that images/logos are in black and white, avoiding color or grayscale images with shadows.
Be mindful that extensive areas of solid coverage may not stamp well, as ink distribution can become uneven or inconsistent.
Refrain from uploading photographs and 3D artwork.
Make sure your image is of high resolution.
Please note that Proprint India customizes all its products in facilities within India. While some raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing process may originate from various countries due to our global sourcing approach, each product batch could have a different country of origin.


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