Square Visiting Cards


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Choose from 4 different paper stock options and 2 paper quality choices.
The dimensions displayed on the design page include a bleed area (safety area), resulting in a final card size of 6.35 x 6.35 cm.
To ensure your card looks seamless, extend your design to the bleed area, preventing any unwanted white borders. Keep all essential information within the safety area.
Perfect for new ventures, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses seeking a fresh brand identity.

Elevate your unique business with a one-of-a-kind card design. Our Square Visiting Cards boast a distinctive appearance and tactile quality that sets them apart from the ordinary. These cards provide an ideal canvas for showcasing your logo or product imagery, infusing your company with an intriguing and creative essence. While finding the perfect square visiting card design can seem like a monumental task, we’re here to streamline the process for you. These cards are suitable for a wide range of businesses, offering a distinctive edge that distinguishes them from traditional business cards. Whether you’re rebranding, embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey, or simply want to have professional cards for client meetings, our Square Business Cards are a versatile choice.

Customizing your card is a breeze. Begin by selecting your desired quantity, paper thickness, paper stock, and corner style for your square business card design. Then, click on ‘Start Designing.’ You’ll gain access to our gallery, featuring a plethora of pre-designed square business card templates. Alternatively, you can upload your own personalized square business card design for a truly unique touch.

Choose Proprint to add a dash of creativity and individuality to your printed visiting cards.

Discover inventive ways to utilize your visiting cards:

Are you searching for something specific? Explore our trendy square visiting card templates, tailored for Event Planning & Entertainment, Jewellery, Food Catering, Painting (Art), Travel Agencies, Business Consulting, Hunting & Fishing, Network Administration, Graphic Design, Food Service, and more.

It’s important to note that Vistaprint India customizes all its products in facilities within India. While some of our raw materials, intermediate components, and consumables used in the manufacturing process may originate from different countries due to our global sourcing practices, rest assured that every product meets our high-quality standards. The country of origin for a specific product batch may vary.


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